Pastor’s Ponderings January 2019

Pastor Cynthia

The Secret to living a long life…

This winter has been pretty warm so far, but January can often be a long cold month here in Duluth. What keeps you going during the short days and long nights? What puts a smile on your face and warms your heart? Are you doing the things you love and care about?

I asked some of our children what are things they care deeply about. Here are their responses -the earth -grandma and grandpa -hamsters -orphans -teddy bear -marbles -family -swimming -being alive -guinea pigs -oxygen

I went to a birthday party the other day for a woman who was turning ninety years old. She is still going strong after all these years! When she was asked to get up and share a few words with her guests, she said, “I want to share with you the secret to living a long life.” My ears perked up and I was ready to take notes! Her wisdom is summed up in one simple phrase, “You must care deeply and be passionate about something in your life.” She said it doesn’t matter what it is… friends, family, a hobby, animals, volunteering, collecting stamps, taking pictures… it doesn’t matter what it is… guinea pigs and marbles… but if you care deeply about something, it will keep you going strong! Your heart will be filled and you will look forward to each new day.

This is great wisdom from someone who has lived a long life. As we think about the New Year and maybe some resolutions we want to implement in our lives, reflect on those things you care most deeply about. Let us make more time for those things this coming year. Let us follow the example Jesus gave us to care deeply for the poor, the marginalized, and the oppressed. Let us find more time and more ways to reach out to all God’s children. Happy New Year, Cynthia