Hillside Missions: Food For All

 CHUM Food Shelf

Hillside Missions: Food for All. Have you ever worried about where your next meal will come from? Have you ever worried about providing for your children? This is a reality for many people around the world, and right here in our own community.
Did you know? The Emergency Food Shelf was organized in 1979 by the Duluth Food and Nutrition Council as a means to distribute food to families affected by the serious economic recession of the late 1970s. The Shelf became the responsibility of CHUM in 1981 and expanded to a second site in West Duluth in 1982 and a third site in Lakeside in 2012.

The Food Shelf operates with the philosophy that people in need of food should have access to this most fundamental of human needs. The scriptures are packed full of stories about food. God’s heart is that everyone has access to basic needs…food, water, and shelter. This is seen through the life of Jesus and through the Old Testament prophets.

The Food Shelf provides a five-day food order for people without food or the resources to buy food and advocacy services connecting people to community resources (e.g. shelter, medical care, children’s services, employment, clothing, and emergency monies). Staff, along with approximately 100 volunteers, distribute 260,000 pounds of food annually. An average of 570 households receive emergency food each month; roughly 35% of those fed are children.

Did you know that Hillside collects food for the CHUM Food Shelf every month, all year long? You may have seen the table downstairs, or the basket by the front doors where we collect food. The food is then brought to the CHUM Food Shelf in West Duluth. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who bring food items! We invite everyone to contribute when you can. You will find helpful suggestions or what to bring in our bulletins every month. Many thanks to Bill Palusky who delivers the food to the food shelf every month! This is God’s work! This is part of our mission here at Hillside.
Foods Most Needed pears, fruit cocktail, pineapple, mandarin oranges, chicken noodle & cream of mushroom soup, peanut butter, tuna, spam, Spaghettios, chili, stew, chunky soups, Pasta sides, rice-a-roni & ramen, cold cereal, pork and beans